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    The Honda Civic Type R EK9 is also a popular JDM car. Although this Civic Type R EK9 has a production period of only about three years, the output is not much, only about 16,000, but because it has never been exported overseas, and it has been praised during the same period. The world's strongest front wheel drives the Type R Integra Type R DC2, so for a long time, Honda Civic Type EK9 seemed to be ignored by JDM fans. However, Honda’s VTEC engine, Type R EK9, is specially tuned to output 116 horsepower per liter (maximum horsepower 185), plus the lightweight body, four-wheel double wishing arm suspension, and strengthened body structure for combat effectiveness. It cannot be ignored. Today, we are fortunate to get this 1999 EK9 loaned out by our CNfilms viewers. No wonder Edmond automatically asked for a test drive. He said that he missed the driving feeling of Honda VTEC very much. He has not forgotten the power, sound and dynamic performance of the 6,000rpm VTEC after starting. But I just didn't have the chance to taste it again. No wonder he was so excited during the test drive.
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